Introducing the apex™ Technology.

When you seal a miniature speaker in an ear canal, the air inside becomes trapped. As the speaker produces sound it moves the air and causes the ear drum to work excessively. The pressure exerted on the ear drum causes ear fatigue, also known as listener fatigue.
By way of a pneumatically interactive vent the apexTM Technology (Air Pressure Exchange) relieves this pressure. With apex the sound is also dramatically improved across the spectrum, the soundstage is more expansive than ever before, and the technology is versatile allowing for a selection of isolation levels — all while minimizing ear fatigue.

Designed to work. All the time.

Built for the most demanding users, the internal design of the module is mindfully made to be durable and virtually maintenance free.

The pneumatically interactive vent is intelligently located to prevent debris build up and significantly minimize wind noise.

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Easy to replace for different flavors.

The apex module is designed for ease of use when installing or replacing the module. With multiple modules you can easily rotate between levels of isolation and sound flavors.

Standard option.

The apex technology comes standard with all custom-fit A-Series and universal-fit U-Series earphones. In our U-Series models without modules (tia Fourté and tia Trió), apex is directly integrated providing all of its benefits in a seamless design.